I am a British/Greek philosopher, teacher, and manager. I lived and worked for many years in the UK, before moving to Heraklion. Crete, Greece. I gained my PhD from the University of Sheffield, and I have taught in schools, colleges, and universities in the UK and in Greece. I worked for some years for the School of European Education in Heraklion, before moving to my current position as Deputy Director (Academic) at the Metropolitan College, Heraklion. 

I have called my website ‘Conversations and Contexts’ because those words capture a lot of what I do. I have experience as a researcher in philosophy, a lecturer in colleges and universities, a manager in higher education, a teacher in primary education, a human resources manager in the private sector, and other roles. But all my activities essentially involve conversing with people — talking through things, analysing problems (both theoretical and personal), and working to find solutions that balance competing needs and demands. And in all my work I try to take account of the particular context of the problems and opportunities I encounter. I believe that finding effective solutions and managing successful projects involves paying careful attention to the needs, expectations, and concerns of all the people involved.

The title also makes reference to my doctoral thesis, in which I reevaluated Grice’s theory of conversational implicature and argued that implicature is more heavily context-dependent than Griceans recognize.

This website contains information about me and my professional activities, including details of my philosophical research, teaching experience, and publications, together with my blog, where I post on education practice and policy, philosophical topics, and other things that interest me. The site also makes available teaching materials I have prepared (including an introduction to philosophy written for the UK’s Open University) and video projects created by my students and me.

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