The School of European Education, Heraklion

Back in September I wrote a post for, a website which celebrates Greece and Greek culture, and which is run by my partner Keith Frankish. The post is about the School of European Education, Heraklion, where I work and where my children study.

At the time I wrote the post, the school was going through a difficult phase, owing to administrative problems outside the control of the school’s management. I am happy to report that this difficult phase has now passed. The school is now functioning normally, and the students have largely made up for the time lost at the beginning of term.

However, I am linking to the post here, both because I stand by all the positive things I say in it about the school, and because I want to remind everyone how precious this institution is, and how important it is that it survives and flourishes.

Here is my post on the school.

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