Nine days to save the SEEH!

Who would have thought that during the Greek presidency of the Council of Europe, the Greek government would allow the only European School in the whole of Greece to face closure? It’s scarcely believable, yet it’s happening.

We are petitioning the government to see sense and act to save the school. Please sign our petition and ask your friends and colleagues to do so too. (There are buttons at the bottom of the petition page to share it on social media.)

Please act: There are only nine more days until 8 April, when the school’s fate will be decided. Let us help the Minister see that he should make the legal changes needed to keep the school open. He promised to do it, and it is the right thing to do – right for the children, parents, and teachers of the school, right for ENISA, right for Heraklion, right for Crete, right for Greece, and right for him, as a member of a government that believes that Greece’s future lies at the heart of Europe.

We can all help him do it. Our last meeting at the school was a wonderfully warm and supportive one. All of us — parents, teachers, and ENISA – were united and spoke with one voice to support the future of our school, the future of our kids, and the future of Greece in Europe.

Once again, please help. Here are some ways you can show your support:

Sign and share the petition.

Leave a message of support. (Please spare a moment to write a few words. We will show the comments to the Minister.)

Follow campaign updates on our blog.

Read more about the school.

There are more relevant links at the bottom of the petition.

Even though I and the other parents and teachers have a personal interest in keeping the school going, we do genuinely believe that its survival is important for the future of Crete, Greece, and Europe.

Thank you!

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