Reasons to love the European School Heraklion #2

#2 It is more than a school.

The European School is not just a place where kids are taught. It is a whole community, which has expanded gradually over the years and which now extends across Europe and beyond.

The school has many local Greek students, of course, but it has also welcomed children from all backgrounds, who have for one reason or another come to live in Heraklion. Our school community has welcomed members from Brazil, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, the USA, and many other countries.

Students, parents, and teachers have formed a strong and supportive community, which extends far beyond the school gates. They work together to support the school, provide extra activities for the children, and help each out.

We stay in touch with students and parents who have moved away, and many of them return to visit us. When I taught there, former students visiting for the summer would return to their old class to catch up with their friends and share their experiences since leaving. (Last year my class had so many visitors that we decided to hold our own little international conference on learning. Students presented, described, and compared the teaching and learning methods in their various school systems. It was amazing.)

I’ve not taught at the school this year, but I keep in touch with the many friends I made during my time there. Indeed, some of my best friends are former students and parents of this wonderful school.

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