Why do I care about the European School Heraklion?

A friend has asked why I’ve been writing posts in support of the European School. After all, I’m not working there at the moment and my children do not currently attend the school. Why am I still bothered?

Well, I want to see the school survive and flourish. Selfishly, I would like to return to work there, and my kids miss it very much. (The reasons we left are complicated. But, as those who know them will testify, they didn’t reflect any lack of belief in the school itself.) But I also have other reasons for wanting it to flourish – I want it for the children, parents and colleagues who need it, for the city of Heraklion, for our shared European future.

And I’ve started writing about the school again because I’m very worried about it. As many of you know, its future is uncertain, especially given the latest developments at ENISA — the EU agency which the school was founded to serve and which is (sadly) in the process from withdrawing from Heraklion. Parents, teachers, and students are anxious and dispirited, and many fear that closure is imminent.

I don’t believe that. But if the school is to survive, it must be re-established on a new basis independent of ENISA. And this will require good will, determination, and powerful arguments from all those who believe in it. It will be hard work, and I am writing these posts to show my support and to remind everyone of what’s at stake and why it’s so important we succeed.

This is a crucial moment for the school and we must keep our nerve, focus on our objective, and not give up. I want the European School to be there for all us in Heraklion and for all those who may come to Heraklion in the future.

The school has supported me and my family and I want to support it.

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  1. Mike,

    It’s great that you are coming! One of the main reasons for the existence of the school is to make it feasible for people like you and your family to move here.

    It’s true that this is a difficult time for the school, but I remain very hopeful. However, we mustn’t be complacent and must keep up the pressure on the Ministry of Education. That’s what I’m trying to do. If you’d like to help by lending your voice, do please get in touch with me.

    Hope to meet you in the autumn.

    — Maria

  2. Hi we are looking to relocate next spring and would like to know the current position with regard to the school

    many thanks


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