Reasons to love the European School Heraklion #9

#9 It connects teachers across Europe

Teachers in the European School Heraklion have opportunities to visit colleagues in other European Schools across Europe, to observe, share ideas, and develop common projects. We share know-how, learning strategies, curriculum ideas, and, most importantly, our love for what we do.

As a teacher at the school, I was privileged to visit European Schools in Mol, Brussels, and Helsinki, and many European colleagues have visited us in Heraklion, joining our teachers in their classrooms to observe, learn, brainstorm, compare notes, and, of course, meet the students.

Just this week, Philippe, a primary school headteacher from Brittany, is visiting the school on an ERASMUS+ project, shadowing the French teachers. I was lucky enough to work with Philippe five years ago on a Comenius project, and he has been a keen supporter of our school and its ideals.

We support each in times of need too. We were deeply upset by the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels. To us, they were not taking place in foreign countries but near the homes, schools, and offices of our dear friends.

In this way, European School teachers build up networks of advice and support extending across the continent and develop a genuinely European teaching outlook. We learn about our cultural differences, of course, and celebrate them, but at the same time we become closer and grow together because in the end we all care about the same things — our students and their future.

I hope such connections will continue and flourish in the future. May we always grow together and support each other, both in happy times and less happy ones!

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