Reasons to love the European School Heraklion #4

#4 It is vital for the academic life of the city

Heraklion is a major centre for scientific research. It is home to the Engineering and Medical faculties of the university of Crete (ranked 51st among the top 100 universities worldwide founded in the last 50 years). It is the headquarters of The Foundation for […]

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Reasons to love the European School Heraklion #3

#3 It is not elitist

I’ve heard it said that the European School in Heraklion is elitist. Only someone who didn’t know the school could say this. The facts is that it is a state school, run by the Greek government. It changes no fees and does not select by academic ability. (This isn’t to […]

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Reasons to love the European School Heraklion #2

#2 It is more than a school.

The European School is not just a place where kids are taught. It is a whole community, which has expanded gradually over the years and which now extends across Europe and beyond.

The school has many local Greek students, of course, but it has also welcomed children from […]

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Reasons to Love the European School Heraklion #1

#1 It is a European school, which follows a European curriculum and is open to children from across the continent.

Yes, I know. At the moment many people would say this is a reason to hate the school. We all know about the failures of Europe — the bureaucracy, the lack of solidarity, the way […]

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To the streets once again

Today I once again marched with students, parents, and teachers of the School of European Education Heraklion, which is again under threat. I took the posters that my dear friend Aglaia Michelakis-Kamprani made with her students in 2014. Many other old colleagues, friends, students, and parents were there. Many more were there in spirit, I’m […]

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Bursting the bubble

I’ve just been reading this piece on European Schools by Vincent Manancourt, and I thought I’d offer some reflections.

Vincent explains that he usually says he’s from Luxembourg, since that’s where he was brought up and lives, but that he doesn’t really believe it. He’s actually English, and just lives in Luxembourg, yet he’s not […]

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Still no news

It’s Wednesday evening and we still have no news from the EU schools meeting in Sophia. It seems our case is low down on the agenda and may not be discussed till tomorrow (the meeting lasts several days).

Meanwhile I appeared on TV Creta this afternoon, along with Gian Andrea Garancini from the PGA […]

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One day to go!

Disclaimer: As always I am writing here as a citizen and parent of three pupils at the SEEH, not as a representative of the school’s management, teachers, or PGA. There is now less than a day left before the meeting of the European Schools Board of Governors in Sophia, Bulgaria. Have we got the Minister’s […]

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Six days to go!

Wednesday was a wonderful, inspiring day.

Pupils, teachers, and parents marched through Heraklion to the City Hall, where they put their case to the city authorities. The Mayor of Heraklion promised to help guarantee our school’s future and the Governor of Crete affirmed his support for the SEEH.

Our campaign got a lot […]

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8 days to go!

SEEH staff and children with campaign poster

Campaign update: A good day. At school, children made posters for our campaign and the English section students sang Theodorakis rousing “Emaste Dio”. Stephen Fry supported our campaign on twitter, and our petition has reached 1,500 signatures. We are touched and inspired by many messages of support we have received. Truly this school is loved!


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