Tools for thinking: Isaiah Berlin’s two concepts of freedom. Aeon, February 2019.

What we say vs what we mean: what is conversational implicature? Aeon, April 2018.

A Greek perspective on austerity psychology (with Keith Frankish). The Psychologist, September 2013.

Scalar implicature: Inference, convention, and dual processes (with Keith Frankish). In K. Manktelow, D. Over & S. Elqayam (eds), The Science of Reason: A Festschrift for Jonathan St. B. T. Evans (pp. 259-81). Psychology Press.

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Mind and consciousness (with Keith Frankish). In J. Shand (ed.), The Central Issues of Philosophy, (pp. 107-20). Blackwell.

Introducing philosophy. A short introduction to philosophy, originally written for students planning to enrol on the Open University course Philosophy and the Human Situation (A211). The unit is available on the OU’s OpenLearn website and as a pdf document. You can also read the text here.

I need to find myself a Suleiman. Proceedings of the Fourth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy, Lund University, 2002.

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