Teaching portfolios

The Institute for Learning (IfL) was, until 2014, the professional body for UK teachers and trainers. Since 2014 it has been superseded by The Society for Education and Training (SET), which continues the IfL’s work.

One of the powers of the IfL/SET is to award the status of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) — a professional qualification which is recognised in UK law as equal to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and qualifies holders to be appointed to permanent positions as qualified teachers in schools.

In 2014, as part of my ongoing professional development, I applied to the IfL for QTLS status and for recognition of my status as a teacher at level 5+ (the ‘recognition route’ to QTLS). For the application, I prepared two electronic portfolios, which I have made available below. One summarizes my teaching experience and skills, and the other describes my practice as a teaching professional. Each contains detailed accounts of my experience, attitudes, and professional outlook, together with numerous linked pieces of supporting evidence, such as lesson plans, reports, testimonials, and so on.

  • Recognition Route portfolio — comprising Overview, Background Context, Professional Values and Attributes, Professional Knowledge and Understanding, Professional Skills (Part 1 – Planning for Learning) Professional Skills (Part 2 – Assessment for Learning), and Concluding Statement.
  • QTLS portfolio — comprising, Overview, Qualifications, Teaching Biography, Subject Currency, Teaching and Learning, Self Evaluation, Professional Development Planning, and Reflective Practice.

My application was successful and I was awarded a certificate of recognition and QTLS status. I continue to be an active member of the SET and embrace their commitment to ongoing professional development.